An intelligent logistics platform for industrial companies’ sourcing raw-materials by sea

About us

CargoValue is a modern logistics platform developed by Klaveness Digital, a company funded by Torvald Klaveness


Who we are

Klaveness Digital is a Norwegian technology company on a mission to bring shipping and logistics into the digital age. With our team of software engineers, data scientists, shipping, and logistics specialists in Oslo and Singapore, we help global companies take better informed decisions.

On the back of our 70-year old shipping heritage from Torvald Klaveness, we are uniquely positioned to help organizations achieve real-time and predictive logistics using the latest advances in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Our small, but growing team is made up of distinct profiles with experience from the global shipping industry, tech community and startup sphere. We are all working together to change a traditional industry driven by email and spreadsheets to one driven by real-time data, actionable insight and increased collaboration.

Today, we are a stand-alone company responsible for a portfolio of products and services used by leading companies in the metal and mining, agricultural, energy, shipping and logistics industries. With our customers’ valuable feedback, we are able to continually improve our products to make sure they stay ahead in a market that is constantly changing. 


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Aleksander Stensby
Managing Director

Joshua Hill

Jon Folkedal
Account Executive

Nicole Alexander

Simon Sebergsen
Head of Sales and Marketing


Daniel Middleton
Business Development Rep

Donna Price

Bård Halvorsen
Customer Success Manager


Robert Gannon
Business Development Rep



The inspiration for CargoValue came from our long-term service to our industrial customers. Torvald Klaveness has delivered efficient and reliable transportation services to industrial cargo customers for decades, helping them reduce cost and risk related to both shipping and inventory.  

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Developed concept

We began developing the CARGO concept in 2015 in close cooperation with our industrial customers


Official release

Released the first official version of the CargoValue platform capable of entirely replacing manual spreadsheets



The CargoValue platform gradually developed into a functioning solution actively used by our pilot customers


Next generation

Releasing several new features focused on data-driven decision making, use of advanced algorithms and machine learning 


Since we started developing CargoValue in 2015, we have had the privilege of working closely with leading industrial companies in the metal and mining, aluminium, agricultural and energy industries. Together with our customers we have identified significant value opportunities in digitizing and automating manual processes related to sourcing, shipping and inventory management, ultimately increasing supply chain transparency and collaboration.

Today, many industrial companies rely heavily on manual collection of information and data entry in spreadsheets to stay updated on their logistics, and collaboration between stakeholders is done via e-mail and phone. These manual processes have made it challenging to quickly realign plans to manage unexpected supply disruptions, often leading to costly events such as demurrage, higher freight cost and production downtime. 

Our mission is to provide our customers with a complete overview of their scheduled and ongoing cargo flow, directly linked to the Inventory situation, across all terminals and commodities – always updated with actionable information allowing them to take preventive action early to respond to unforeseen events and avoid costly knock-on effects.


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