Alerts and Notifications

Alerts and Notifications | Introduction

Alerts and notifications help you identify and address problems before they become critical. Click the [bell-icon] symbol in the top right corner. Alerts are critical and require immediate attention; such as a Clash at berth. The Notifications are more informative, such as an AIS Update. The existing alerts and notifications are: 

  • Clash at berth: You will receive an alert when two or more shipments have overlapping ETAs and ETDs in port, which could lead to a clash at berth and cause a potential demurrage situation. You can click either shipment-link to adjust dates. Clicking Mark as reviewed is a helpful way to share with your team members using on the platform that you have acknowledged the alert and taken any necessary action. 

  • AIS update: You will receive a notification when a vessel in your Scheduled Shipments updates its ETA or navigational status.