Introducing ETB, Counterparty and Demurrage rates in CargoValue


Klaveness Digital is pleased to announce a new wave of updates to CargoValue; empowering companies to best plan an optimal shipping schedule and eliminating the need to retain voyage information in multiple sources.

Estimated Time of Berthing (ETB)

With ETB now added at load and discharge ports, plan around exactly when the cargo will be loaded at the supplier end. After tracking the voyage on CargoValue’s real-time monitor, stay informed of navigational status updates via CargoValue’s AIS notifications for real-time updates on exactly when a cargo will be received and can be put into production.


Counterparty and Demurrage rates

With fields now added for Counterparty, Demurrage rate and Demurrage days, this information can be populated into CargoValue before, during and after a voyage. Thus, eliminating the need to keep information in spreadsheets alongside CargoValue and ensuring all stakeholders have a common platform with access to one version of the truth.


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