Inventory Manager

Inventory Manager | Introduction

The Inventory Manager gives you an overview of your current inventory and how it will develop over time.  

The Inventory Manager offers three different ways to view inventories; Daily Overview, Inventory Graph and Yearly Overview. The filter in the top right corner helps with the navigation: 

  • By selecting All Terminals/All Commodities you will be navigated to the Daily Overview

  • By specifying a Terminal and/or Commodity you will be navigated to the Inventory Graph of the chosen commodity and port. 

  • You can access the Yearly Overview from both these views. 

Inventory Manager | Daily Overview

The Daily Overview provides a holistic overview of today’s inventories. The current day is displayed as default but can be changed by using the Date field in the top right. Select a date in the future to see how inventories will develop by this date. Simply click on the date-field, choose a date from the date-picker and click Select Date

You can navigate to the Inventory Graph by clicking View Inventory displayed below the commodity and terminal you wish to look at. You can navigate to the Yearly Overview by clicking Yearly overview in the top right. 

Inventory Manager | Inventory Graph

From the Daily Overview, click View Inventory to see an overview of a specific commodity at a terminal. The inventory graph shows how the inventory levels of a commodity will develop over time based on estimated and actual consumption and scheduled shipments.  

You can see the historic, current or future inventory positions using the date-picker on the right-hand side. The table below the graph show the same values on a monthly basis. You can also see the daily values by clicking on each month row to expand that month into a daily view. 

You can quickly navigate to the Daily Overview and Yearly Overview by clicking the buttons below the silo on the right-hand side of the page. 

Possible actions within this view: 

Inventory Manager | Yearly Overview

In the Yearly Overview you can group multiple terminals or commodities into one view. Use the filter on the right-hand side to select what you would like to group by, as well as which ports/commodities to include. The graphs show how the inventory will develop over time based on the filters selected. 

You can navigate to the Daily Overview by clicking the button in the top right corner. You can also navigate to the Inventory Graph by clicking on the “Terminal/Commodity” link above the relevant graph. 
(Note: this will only work when the terminals and commodities are not grouped). 

The default view is for the current year. You can see the historic, current or future inventory positions using the date-picker on top the right-hand side of a graph. Grouping the view by Terminal or Commodity is useful for identifying potential clashes or where future shipments might be needed.