Schedule Monitor

Schedule Monitor | Introduction

The Schedule Monitor displays a live map of vessels and ports. Further down you will see a table with four tabs; Scheduled ShipmentsDelivered ShipmentsShipment Timeline, and Create New Shipment

Use the filter in the top right corner to select what the Schedule Monitor will show: 

  • By selecting “All Terminals/All Commodities” the schedule will show all shipments. 

  • By specifying a Terminal and/or Commodity the schedule will show only shipments related to the terminal/commodity chosen. By selecting one terminal and commodity, the link to the Inventory Manager will give you a live view of the stock level for that commodity at the terminal. You can see the ETA of your next delivery, the stock on ETA and the volume in transit. You will note the stock on ETA number is color coded, this reflects the high or low threshold at the terminal (see How to Monitor Schedule Alerts). 

Schedule Monitor | Map

All shipments added to the cargo schedule will automatically appear in the interactive map allowing users to track their cargo flow. The vessels in the map are also color coded to reflect the stock levels. If you see amber or red coloured vessels, action might be needed.  

The buttons at the bottom of the map represent settings, zoom and full-screen mode (see How to Navigate the Map to learn more). 

Schedule Monitor | Scheduled Shipments

The Shipment Schedule shows all shipments specified by the Terminal and Commodity filter in the top right corner. The schedule has a similar layout to a spreadsheet, with each row representing a shipment. To view all information related to a shipment, click anywhere on the shipment row and a drop-down will appear. This view shows the name of the shipment, the assigned vessel (if any), laycan window, terminals, ETAs, ETDs and commodities. See How to Edit a Shipment to learn more of the modification options in this view. 

Tip: You can navigate to the location of each vessel and port in the map from the schedule by clicking the map pin icon displayed next to each vessel or port name. 

Schedule Monitor | Delivered Shipments

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A shipment is categorized as “delivered” when the cargo has finished discharging at the receiving terminal. It is moved from the Schedule Shipments tab to the Delivered Shipments tab.

Schedule Monitor | Shipment Timeline

Ongoing and planned shipments can be viewed as a timeline of events by terminal and commodity. This view offers immediate foresight into raw material flows and makes it even easier to identify potential clashes caused by delays or sub-optimal planning. By filtering All Terminals/All Commodities in the top right corner you get a complete overview of all terminals and commodities. You can move the timeline by clicking the arrows at each end of the timeline.