An intelligent logistics platform for industrial companies’ sourcing raw-materials by sea

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Product features

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View cargo movements in real-time

All shipments added to the cargo schedule will automatically appear in the interactive map allowing users to track their cargo flow in real-time


One source of information

Access all your shipments in one place and collaborate on the same cargo schedule instead of sending spreadsheets back and forth between stakeholders


Available on all devices

Users can access their cargo schedule and inventory from a wide range of internet enabled devices, including: smartphones, tablets and desktop PCs.


React to unexpected changes

Alerts and notifications help users identify and address problems before they become critical

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Full inventory visibility

Take control of your inventory to reduce capital intensive safety buffers and forecast how inventory will develop over time to reduce working capital

Read more about the Inventory Manager


Advanced inventory planning

Plan and forecast how inventory will develop over time based on estimated and actual consumption and incoming shipments

Read more about the Inventory Manager


Keep track of everything

All changes can be tracked for audit purposes, and the platform has built-in version control with the ability to restore old versions to avoid the potential loss of data.


Value creation opportunities


Collaborate across offices

A single workspace for
team collaboration


One source of information

Replace manual routines and
individual spreadsheets


Real-time notifications

Receive information about events
that require your immediate attention



Powerful workflow automation that
saves time and reduces risk


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